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  • *Your steam-profile link:
  • *Your in-game name: Caboose
  • *Job name: Sek
  • *What model (File location if possible, or you can send a picture of it):
  • What guns/sweps (Only a pistol or swep): Ragin Bull without scope
  • What second guns/sweps (Only a pistol or swep): Desert Eagle
  • *What is the point of your job: He is a vigilante
  • *What kind of job is it (Good/Bad/Neutral): Neutral
  • *Your steam id (Example: STEAM_0:1:169696969): STEAM_0:0:182459437
  • Your friends steam id (MAX 2):
  • *Job Description (Keep this short, about 5-18 words):
  • He is a ghost from the past who got killed by some low life criminals, so now he takes the law in his own hands so it won't happen again.
  • Raid: Yes (If the owner is doing something against law)
  • Kidnap: Yes (If the person is repeatedly breaking the law)
  • Base: No
  • Terror: No

  • *What is the reason this job should be added and why should you have a custom job? (Give a detailed and long explenation why): It gives the server a higher job count, wich people like. It also gives the server a bit more spice (meaning that it isn't only the standard jobs every server has)


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Posted Jul 26

Denied, you havent filled in all the detail, way to short explanation about the point of the job and bad info in general..