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In-game name: Caboose

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:182459437

What is your Discord username?: Caboose#2984

Date of birth: 27 02 2002

What timezone are you in?: UK time +1

When did you join the server?: At the first day

Whats your playtime for the server? 1d 18h 16m

Why should we chose you? (100+ words): Since I was a child I always helped other people and resovled fights between other people, I also hate it when people brake the rules, and can't stand liars and know it when someone is a liar or a minge. I also know a thing or 2 about wire and expresion 2 so I can easily recognise abusive contraptions made using wire and/or expresion 2. And I also feel like I could be a bigger part of the server by helping it out and helping the players out. I know the rules very well and understand them aswel. I also know most people on the server. I also have humor and I'm not salty 24/7.

Tell us more about yourself and what makes you different: I know how to be staff, know almost everyone on the server, and have all the staff binds set up.

Referrers (from staff): None