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In-game name: Buko22

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:57682811

What is your Discord username?: Buko22#7330

Date of birth: 3/7/2002

What timezone are you in?: GMT+2

When did you join the server?:2 Days Ago

Whats your playtime on the server? : 2 Hours Why should we chose you? (100+ words):

Tell us more about yourself and what makes you different:

Hello my name is Buko22, I come from a lovely country called Slovenia. I would like to be in a staff team, becouse im very mature and i have a lot of experience as a staff member.I used to be a staff member on Garnet DarkRP, Zeus Gaming and on RealityRoleplay. Like i mentioned before i have a lot of experience as a staff member, and here is a sneak peak of ULX commands that i know:

!armor, !ban, !who, !hp, !bring, !teleport, !Mute, !banid, !noclip, !cloak, !jail, !goto, !gag, !help, !spectate, !freeze, !slay, !return, !ungag, !kick !unban, !god, !strip, !send, !tsay,

I am a Human with alot of energy . I am very kind and Hard Working,With over 500 hours of experience as a staff member. What makes me diffrent from ALL the other players is that I Never give up. I have Seen Servers Fall, and I Made them rise again Becouse i didnt give up.And this server will become big it just needs the Right Staff team and a lovely PlayerBase.Also I would bring New custom ideas for the server and Stop The Rule Brakers. I take A role of a Staff member as my job, I take it with full Respect and Maturity.

Other Information about me : My PC Specs/Setup : Intel I7 7700, GTX 1060 3GB, 16 Gb Ram, Asus Cerbereus Gaming keyboard, Razer Chroma Mouse, Razer Man O war 7.1 Headphones,

Very Active On Discord, Skype and Gmod!

REGRATS Buko22 !

Referrers (from staff): None

Good luck!

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Posted Jul 17 ⋅ Last edited: 5 weeks ago ⋅ By: Dean

Thank you for applying for the staff team, but you must have at least 12 hours before applying for staff. (Denied)